September 22, 2023
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Retro Studios continues its hiring spree for Metroid Prime 4 – My Nintendo News

Retro Studios continues its hiring spree for Metroid Prime 4 - My Nintendo News

Retro Studios continues its hiring spree for Metroid Prime 4

Nintendo announced back in 2019 that Retro Studios would be handling Metroid Prime 4 as the Austin-based company was rebooting the highly-anticipated next 3D Samus Aran adventure. Today, the company has nine roles unfilled on their Nintendo careers page with all of them stating at the bottom of the blurb that “Retro Studios is currently in the midst of developing Metroid Prime 4 for the Nintendo Switch.” There is a possibility that Retro Studios may be working on an additional project, but it seems likely that Nintendo would want to get Metroid Prime 4 out the door as soon as possible, as the project was first announced six years ago now.

I don’t want it anytime soon, give it a few more years Nintendo, I’d like remasters of all your previous games first ☺️

You must be joking, we’ve been waiting over 15yrs already!

Yes but I would rather they take their time and do it right and we get it in like 25’ or 26’ than to rush it and it suck.
I would also like a remaster of the rest of the primes. I already said they will probably remaster each prime and release one each year until 4 is done so that means 2026 for 4 or 3 remaster will release really in 25’ and 4 will release that Christmas season.

I think it will be like zelda, metroid prime 4, at the same time on switch and on the next console for the transition

This is just a general open positions page for a company website… No story here whatsoever.

Only problem with this article is it’s not actually true

Edit: The one I clicked on didn’t show that blurb. I guess the rest (or most, at least) do.

just have them stay away from DK, they already too much damage.

Tropical Freeze is a masterpiece so I don’t know what you’ve been smoking.

Yes, creating the best game in the series history clearly did so much damage to the DK franchise.

This sign does not bode well. This game should be almost done now, yet they’re still hiring staff to make the game.

It’s general positions. This could be literally be like assistant positions or even front desk etc. None of them do into detail what their for.

Question: if they’re still hiring, does that mean they have not started development on the game yet?

I heard they had to completely start over with the game’s profuction at one point for whatever reason, so it’s pretty much in development hell. It’s never a good sign when they’re still trying to find help this long after the initial project started.

You know it’s funny, Prime 4 was announced 6 years ago and this comment section is like “give em time, geez” but when it was 6 years after Kingdom Hearts DDD this site was memeing it to death. People can be so fickle.

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