September 22, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

I’m Hiring! Two Open Positions to Serve With Ann

Current Open Positions:


The Executive Director prayerfully co-labours and serves with Ann Voskamp by investing in content management, speaking engagements and book launches through a strong representation of Ann’s heart for Jesus and serving His church and sharing His healing hope. 


Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Priority responsibility: Blog and website content management:
  • Management of all blog posts and publisher relationships for guest blog posts and the formatting, selecting photographs, preparing and publishing post in WordPress and formatting and email sending of all  blog posts through Flodesk 
  • Oversee all content and website copy 
  • Handle/approve information that needs to be posted in a timely manner

Executive Director for Ann Voskamp 

  • First point of contact for all things regarding Ann  
  • Support Ann by checking in and gauging needs: Maintain Ann’s calendar, arrange meetings and appointments and provide reminders 
  • Manage all publisher and author relationships and logistics for guest blog posts 
  • Create bridges to new partnerships with publishers to host new author’s books and messages and serve their messages in fresh and creative ways across all our channels 
  • Brainstorm and invest in serving Ann’s community and ministry:  development and execution of podcast, retreats, courses, print resources, and other helpful resources as requested
  • Creation of a robust spiritual formation app and community, creating channels for consistent spiritually formative content and support of community  
  • Manage and oversee the workflow for production of upcoming podcast and create relationships with underwriters and ministry partners 
  • Manage logistics/due dates for Ann’s seminary commitments 
  • Manage details associated with Ann’s various boards and creative communities: Mercy House Global, The Keeping Company, Grace Case, Grace Flame
  • Develop and maintain an efficient documentation and filing system
  • In writing and in person, a cruciform representation of Ann 
  • Maintains deep confidentiality
  • Dreams, prays, runs and executes with intentionality, ministering with joy alongside Ann and the team

Book Launches

  • Make all needed travel arrangements and set up pre-order and launch schedule
  • Manage schedule of appearances/coordinating with publishers
  • Schedule necessary blog reviews, giveaways
  • Schedule podcasts interviews if applicable
  • Brainstorm with Ann for other ways to serve the message of her book and execute
  • Manage social media communities related to books
  • Coordinate/oversee launch team management 

Speaking/Vendor Events

  • Respond to requests from groups, events
  • Coordinate the master schedule for Ann’s speaking events
  • Vet and finalize speaking engagement contracts: Coordinate Ann’s travel arrangements associated with speaking engagements and general travel for ministry
  • Provide Ann’s schedule/itinerary in summary and helpful one-sheet prior to event
  • Be available for any urgent needs while Ann is traveling/serving at an event

Position Qualifications:

The Executive Director will have proven leadership and relationship management experience. Other qualifications include:

Unwaveringly Kind 

An optimistic, glass is always full person

Known for being deeply compassionate toward everyone at all times

Personal thriving relationship with Jesus Christ

Passion for discipleship and evangelism

Proven experience as an executive administrative assistant

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Excellent knowledge of social media and Google 

Flexible, nimble and responsive

Ability to work effectively in collaboration with diverse groups of people and communicate with people at all levels

Excellence in organizational management with the ability to set and achieve objectives and manage a budget

Ability to multitask and prioritize daily workload

Discretion and confidentiality

Relentlessly intentional, profoundly invested, and deeply committed to ministry for the glory of King Jesus 

Location: Remote

Hours and expectations:

  • This position is a remote 15-20 hr/week position
  • Hours worked include attendance of weekly team meetings as well daily set “office hours/respond times.” Beyond that, the employee may set her own hours.

Salary: TBD

Creative Graphics/Reel/Artistic Content Creator 

Ann’s Creative Content Creator is a cutting edge creative as well as strategic thinker with a huge heart for people. The CCC  will create creative visual content around Ann’s words and build out social media plans to serve Ann’s community in deeply impactful ways. 

Desired Skills and Traits

● Joy-filled person who is energized by creating 

● A glass always full person

● Ridiculously organized and excited to create in fresh ways 

● A kind and clear communicator, especially when somebody is behind deadline

● Unflappable and dependable 

● Can work efficiently and autonomously

● Energized by collaboration and open to feedback 

Job responsibilities include:

  • Schedule and write social media content from Ann’s words, including Facebook,Threads, Instagram (Grid and Stories) TikTok and Pinterest 
  • Create and manage social media content from Ann’s words 
  • Create visually beautiful and compelling graphics 
  • Photograph flat lays of books for social media and blog posts 
  • Manage special projects like website redesign, printables, graphics for book launches, photoshoots, etc. 
  • Manage social media metrics & analyze monthly/quarterly social media data to develop ways to better serve Ann’s community 
  • Strategize and execute how to serve a community to grow in spiritually formationally healthy and robust ways 
  • Edit videos and Create reels to share Ann’s words


  • At least 1-3 years working in social media
  • Software: WordPress, Flodesk, Canva, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok & Graphic Design and Video Editing software of your preference 

Location: Remote


  • This position is a 15 hr/week position.
  • Hours worked include attendance of weekly team meetings as well as daily “office hours/respond times.” Beyond that, the employee may set her own hours.

Salary: TBD

Please submit applications here

Applications warmly accepted until Wednesday, September 20th, 2023.

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